IMEI- Why is it important to me?

Why is it important to me?

As quoted above that IMEI is the fingerprint of your phone, you wouldn’t want and let anyone else use your fingerprint for someone else’s identity. God forbid not but imagine that you lost your phone and is found by some mischievous thief’s and they start making threat calls. Because IMEI numbers can be tracked by the network operator, it will be believed that the threat calls were made by you.

So, if ever you lose your mobile phone, you have to contact your network operator and provide them with your IMEI code so that the mobile phone can be “blacklisted” and becomes useless. The phone will be blocked even if the sim card has been changed. Your mobile world identity will stay intact.

The IMEI is only used for identifying the device and not the user using it.

Ban on IMEI less phones

There was a customer base of more than 2 crore phones which didn’t have IMEI numbers. Most of the phones were being imported from China. These phones made it difficult for the Govt. to keep a track of phones which could be doing illegal activities. As a result of this a ban on such phones was imposed in November 2009.

But lately things came into notice that the IMEI numbers were getting duplicated and the same IMEI number was being used in more than 2 phones. So this became a bigger threat because then even after knowing the IMEI number it became difficult for network operators to ban the phone. So there are talks to ban such phones as well.